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"Randy Shannon"

Gator’s defensive coordinator, Randy Shannon, takes over as interim head coach after Jim McElwain’s sack after over two seasons of struggles. Shannon knows what is ahead as the interim coach of the Gators after the firing of Jim McElwain for a poor run of form losing three straight games, the last being a 42-7 against Georgia. He is aware he had just four games left in the season to make an impact and for the players to make a statement about turning things around in the team. Shannon may not raise much hope about becoming the head coach of the Gators in the upcoming 2018 season but one thing is sure and four games are at hand to make a point whether he’ll be considered for the full position or not.

Randy Shannon’s Coaching Resume

"Randy Shannon’s Coaching Resume"

Shannon’s first spell as head coach was at Miami between 2007 and 2010. It was not a good experience in the first season of his career as the Canes lost 48-0 against Virginia. Shannon has spent all his life around Miami. He played for Miami in the mid-80s. He had been a coach with the Canes in various capacities between 1991 and 2010. During this time, he had some three years with Miami Dolphins. Prior to Shannon joining the Gators in 2015 in the capacity of a defensive assistant, he had been with Arkansas and TCU.

Shannon Relishes The Moments

"Shannon Relishes The Moments"

It’s really going to be a big task as the interim coach of the Gators and Shannon knows that. He is hopeful things will turn around for the team. According to him, he just has to keep his enthusiasm on the move and be motivated without leaving anyone associated with the team behind. For him, to have a good run in the four games left of the season, everybody must be at the level he is looking things at for effectiveness. Shannon sees his time as head coach at his alma mater, Miami, with a 28-22 in his four years spell after 2006 season as a learning ground that has made him better to face the task ahead. His view is that excellence comes with good team management which he said he lacked in his first shot into coaching back then. He believes he is equipped to manage all situations off-and-on the field as the interim head coach of the Gators. Shannon is optimistic and says there are different ways to save the situation with Florida in the remaining part of the season. The Gators can still arrive at a good bowl game and also win the yearly rivalry match with Florida State. He knows futures are at stake at this time and that the result of the remaining four matches will go a long way to tell what happens after.

Will There Be A Dramatic Change In The Team Under His Watch?

"Dramatic Change In The Team"

Though there is lot of hope all around the man at the helm of affairs, however, it is difficult to think of a dramatic turnaround of events with just few games left. The situation in Florida goes beyond just having a new man running things. Even Shannon’s defense then wasn’t the major problem with the team. Of course, Shannon has had some interim experience back then in 2006 seasons, it still may be difficult to see things come through the way you expect it to.

Can Shannon keep The Job?

"Shannon's frequent job "

If all matches are won, it surely will make a statement on Shannon's resume but to think he will keep the job may be another ballgame. Will the Gators want to risk going with a coach with a 28-22 in his past position as head coach?

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