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Florida Gators are a football team that has all the support and love of their own people. As a college football team pressure is high but not as high as those playing in the major leagues. Read on as we discuss what will this year bring to the almighty Gators in their never-ending quest of finding star players, staying up in the group and making their people happy in every match they play.

The Team

Florida Gators will be the team representing the State of Florida at the 2019 NCAA Division FBS Football Season. This prestigious tournament is the elite of college football and is where every team in the country wants to play.

For this season, Florida Gators have 25 new recruits coming from the 2019 recruiting class. This recruiting might take the team forward to surpassing the already amazing scores they have managed to achieve in these years. In almost all metrics, the Florida Gators performance is above the mean of the league. For example, the amount of plays in total for the Gators is 890 while most teams achieve 872. The average per play of the Gators is 6.2 while most teams achieve 5.1, total yards are 5547 against 4463 of other teams and finally, for the offense department, touchdowns are 57 while most teams make it almost to forty. This leverage as an elite college team nurtures the lines with good players who want to join the best players around to be in the elite of football.

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Head Coach And Staff

Florida Gators will, for the second year in a row, trust the services of Dan Mullen for the main coach. The former Mississippi State University coach and former State Champion in 1988 with the New Hampshire Pioneers is one of the most sought-after coaches in college. Among his many achievements, it is important to point out his role in coaching quarterback Alex Smith to be number one overall pick in the 2005 season of the NFL. Also, he helped developing notable Florida quarterbacks Chris Leak and Heisman Trophy-winner Tim Tebow. His six-year contract for 36 million dollars is a strong bet from Florida University to have one of the leading teams in the league. All Gators fan are very happy with him and looking forward to seeing some of his work in action.

Dan Mullen is the head coach and works with a notable team to back him up. First, as a co-offensive coordinator is John Harvesy together with Billy Gonzalez. Brian Johnson is in charge of developing quarterbacks as he has been doing since 2010 for various universities; Todd Grantham is the defensive coordinator, Greg Knox takes care of running backs and coordinating special teams and Larry Scott takes care of the tight ends. Nick Savage is the man behind the strength and conditioning of players. All this group of people along with the head coach will be performing their second season for the Florida Gators. The interaction among team members is always stronger when they spend a lot of time working together. This is the Gator´s bet for this year.


Starting on August 24th against Miami and televised by ESPN, 2019 schedule for the Gators is a tough one including some of the most powerful college teams in the league. If everything goes according to head coach linings and players perform to their top standards, 2019 will be a year to remember for all fans. Believing in a style and a vision by keeping a coach for six years is a recipe for success.

Go Gators!

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