Who We Are

Gator Tailgating is made up of passionate students who are fans of Florida Gators. We are a team of college students in different fields but with a collective interest in college football and particularly about the Gators. As a fan website that focuses on Florida Gators, our primary aim is to promote the activities of the team and provide adequate and up-to-date information to everyone who comes across our website. Our pool of information is sourced significantly from following major events as they unfold from the various leagues and information released by Florida Gators.


Our Belief

The time to rally round our beloved team cannot be any other time than now. Every organized team in the world is motivated and strengthened by its fan base. This is what we stand to do by hosting this platform, to give the necessary support to the Gators. We represent the extra player off the field to our dear team. We believe that for the team to perform exceptionally well, there should equally be an exceptional support from off the field from those who share their passion and goals. That is, to be the most promising team and the one to beat by any other challenging for titles.

We believe the Gators are for us all to protect and promote. Every one of us as students in Florida holds it a duty to encourage our own the best way we can. We have the obligation to share those things on this platform to lift the spirit of the team and not the negatives that bring it down. If anything at all, our criticism will be a constructive one to build rather than destroy.

Our Heritage

As students, sports and football are the integrating factors that bring us together as one without a bias of race, color, gender and social status. We strongly believe protecting that heritage is ours to uphold to have a solidly built team of the Gators of our dreams. We hence believe supporting a college football team like the Gators is not just for the frenzy but indeed a noble cause to drive the spirit of belonging into everyone who contributes to the success of the team one way or another. We are using this medium to give out a clarion call to the Gator loving fans to work together to build this great team of ours for the generation coming after us. That is the legacy we hope to leave behind for others to have good ground to build on.

Our Mission

At Gator Tailgating we have a commitment and a resolve to provide adequate information about our team to the general public. We hope through interacting with others in our style of information sharing on this website, we can contribute in our own little measure to the success of the team in the long run. We are here to inspire others to be more active in supporting the Gators and to motivate them to do better in the football seasons and programs they are involved in. We have the mission to reach as many as possible in Florida and beyond with our support campaign for our team the best way we can.

Our Vision

Gator Tailgating envisions building a network of all categories of individuals such as students, professionals, and corporate organizations that will give their support without reservations and with a strong commitment to Florida Gators.


The Future

We have no doubt the future of Florida Gators is bright and so is ours on this platform. We see a future where Gator Tailgating becomes the go-to-place for information regarding the activities of the Gators. Collectively, we know this is achievable when we all team up to give the team the required support to excel in every competition they engage in.

Through your interaction and contribution on this platform, we can:

  • Raise an army of loyal supporters for the Gators
  • Inspire the players to give their very best on the field of play
  • Encourage the management team to give adequate attention to areas needing attention

There is a lot we can do together collectively. Together well be the catalysts for the change needed for the team to be dynamic and full of ideas.