"Souting USC’s next opponent"

Next up in the schedule of games for the University of South Carolina is the game against the Clemson Tigers. Kelly Bryant and his team, the Tigers, are on the lookout for a straight four-win run as they battle it out with Gamecocks (USC) in the last match of the season come 25th November in Columbia.

For Clemson, there is something really at stake for this game. The Tigers are in the hunt for College football playoff. And what more could South Carolina play for than to stop the Tigers from having their claws on the playoff? It will be the pleasure of the Columbian dwellers to drag the Tigers down from their No. 2 spot ranking, at least to prove a point and send shock waves around.

For Gamecocks with an 8-3 standing, the game is more than just a challenge and sharing records. There is still a possibility for a 10-win this season. This is important to head coach Will Muschamp’s second season. And who said the national rankings and records will not count in boosting a coach’s resume afterwards.

Clemson Tigers are in the lead on the all-time series with 68-42-4. / Clemson Tigers are in the lead on the all-time series with 68-42-4.

South Carolina Is Mindful Of The Very Little Details

"South Carolina Is Mindful Of
The Very Little Details"

For the position of 8-3, you will agree something is definitely going right somewhere for Gamecocks. A check on their statistics shows their opponents have had some good showings against them too somehow. But if you care to know they’ve been crossing the Ts and dotting the Is in major departments of their game.

Three areas have distinguished them in their style of play and Muschamp should be given credit for that. These are limiting penalties, forcing field goals and turnover margin. It is hoped that this will come to play for the Gamecocks come 25th. The Tigers also have their strength in converting in the 20. South Carolina cannot afford to allow anything to slip against a brilliant team such as the Tigers if they hope to grab maximum points in their outing.

Clemson’s Defense

"Clemson’s Defense"

Clemson's defense is solidly firm. South Carolina needs to up its game by urging its offensive line to come to the party. The offensive line of South Carolina has been weak of late for not being able to create openings and have permitted 25 sacks in the year. The defense line of Clemson marshaled by Clellin Ferrell has a good run in the second part of the season with five tackles against NC State. Austin Bryant is on the other side while Christian Wilkins mans the inside. Gamecocks should watch-out for this solid defense.

Quarterbacks Supremacy

"Quarterbacks Supremacy"

It is clear that South Carolina has not got a good running game. This leaves a lot of questions to be asked about Jake Bentley’s role. He is behind the good 8-3 that the Gamecocks boast but he is not spared of struggles against better defenses in the league. In Gamecocks’ two games in a row against Georgia and Florida, Bentley threw an outstanding five interceptions.

Likewise, Tiger’s Kelly Bryant is equally an outstanding player with 64 completed passes, six touchdowns, and an interception. To demonstrate he is completely fit after an ankle injury, Bryant has run for 220 and had three scores afterwards.

Who steals the show in the matchup this weekend? The Gamecocks have nothing to lose in this game except for pride. The Tigers have everything to play for to seal a playoff. The strategy is for the coaching crew to decide before D-day.