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"Barry Odom"

The start of the 2017 season for Barry Odom was nothing to write home about. It was a terrible start filled with confusion and dearth of ideas on what to do with the team. Missouri was on a ridiculous 1-5 at the beginning of the season. Of course questions should be asked about the credentials of the man at the helm of affairs as the head coach of Mizzou. If you are among those who lashed out at Barry Odom’s ability to fit in a big position as the coach of Missouri back then, you should be right to do so because every move made by Barry Odom was deemed wrong. It was not just losing games. It was a total embarrassment for everyone connected to the team. With things gradually taking shape with the team towards the close of the season, Barry still has to prove a point why he should not be replaced after the end of the 2017 season.

The Season So Far

"The Season So Far"

The woes at Missouri were compounded by a lot of embarrassing defeats at the beginning of the season. The weakness of Missouri was exposed when a low rated Missouri state tore Mizzou’s defense apart opening a 35 point in the first quarter. The woes continued as they were defeated 32 at home in the hands of a Purdue program who from 2013 to 2016 have been on a record 9-39.

There is so much to recount in the early part of the season. They lost right in their home in the season’s first two SEC games averaging 25.5 points. Only Odom knows why he fired his defensive coordinator and assumed that position in the team. There was a lot to talk about regarding what he didn’t do right at the start of the season.

Games To Be Won

"Games To Be Won"

Back then in October, Alexander Cartwright stated clearly that the remaining six games of the season will determine if Odom stays for another season in 2018 or not. No doubt, the athletic director, Jim Sterk who most of the recommendations depend on, wants Odom to stay. He is hopeful things will improve for the better in time with Odom in-charge. In the month of November, the SEC matches will be crucial to Odom’s survival and another shot to a new season come next year.

Crucial In The Month Of November

"Crucial In The Month Of November"

Saturday, November 4 will be a must-win match against Florida Gators at Faurot Field. This will be followed by that of Tennessee Volunteers at the same venue on November 18. Vanderbilt Stadium will be the ground for Missouri to lock horns with Vanderbilt Commodores. The last match for Odom to redeem himself will be the battle with Arkansas Razorbacks at the host's stadium. Depending on what the chancellor and the athletic director wants, at least a three-quarter win in the remaining matches should do for Odom to save his job and to see the Tigers through another season.

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