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Tailgating in Tallahassee for the Florida / Team Out West Rivalry Game is doing a series of articles on where and how to tailgate at all of the Gator Football away games. This is the sixth part of our series detailing where and what to look out for in Tallahassee, Florida for the annual Florida-FSU Game. Go Gators!

Where are the good and bad areas of town for motels to stay in the night before/after the big game?

If you’re looking to be able to walk to the game I'd recommend some of the cheap and nasty motels on Tennessee Street.

  • Lafayette Motel‎ - (850) 224-1145
  • Budget Inn - ‎(850) 224-4174
  • Days Inn University Center - (850) 222-3219
  • Ramada-University - (850) 224-7116
  • University Inn & Suites Hotel‎ - (850) 224-8161

There’s also a Holiday Inn on 316 West Tennessee St. Another good place to stay at is the Hampton Inn off exit 193, it’s only a 15 minute drive to the stadium and it’s a little less expensive. If you can get a room at the Marriott Residence Inn Hotel (600 W Gaines Street - (850) 329-9080), that will be perfect. It’s located right across the street from the Civic Center who shuttles fans to the stadium. There are also some nice hotels in the Killearn area and also on North Monroe St.

What are some attractions in Tallahassee that a visitor shouldn't miss?

Definitely go to the Tennessee Strip. It’s a line of bars and they have great specials. Hit up Bullwinkles, they have KILLER drink specials. Also Potbellys is awesome on gameday and with sweet deals on drinks.

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There are no theme parks nearby but if you are still in Tally on Sunday head out to Wakulla Springs and go to the sinkhole, it’s a lot of fun. Of course you should walk around the campus because it’s great and check out Sod cemetery and what not.

Where should a visiting fan go to eat before leaving Tallahassee?

Jim and Milts (BBQ) has a great breakfast menu and is priced very low. Po' Boys or Gordos (cuban) for atmosphere.

Is there an area or a part of Tallahassee that the visiting fans usually congregate/tailgate/park?

There is tailgating all around the stadium. I would probably say best place would be along Ocala road or maybe off stadium drive.

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Another area that at large number of visitors tailgate at is at the Leon County Civic Center - it is easy to get to and only $6 per vehicle - RVs are $50/night - you can take the shuttle to the stadium from there for $3 round trip - the buses start running 2 hrs before game time and continue to run until 2 hours after game time.

Gator Tailgating will be tailgating on Tennessee Avenue right across from the Burger King on the edge of campus, where we tailgate every time we have to go to the School Out West.

How much should we expect to pay for a parking spot (preferably unblocked so there's enough room to setup tents, tables, and a grill to tailgate)?

Anywhere from 10- 30 bucks. There are tons of grass lots for 10 - 20 bucks, or if you get lucky park for free on the grass parallel to Tennessee St (right across from Burger Kings and the dorms on campus) This is where GatorTailgating sets up every game. 

Are there any special rules we should know about tailgating on or off campus, open-container policies we should be forewarned about, or anything of the sort?

It’s an all out drink fest! Just make sure underage people aren’t acting obnoxious and if they are drinking when they see a cop to put the cup down. Other than that enjoy yourself.

Any gameday traditions we should not miss while in Tallahassee?

Make sure you are in your seats early (like 20 min at least before kickoff) so you can not miss when Chief Osceola rides down the field and throws the flaming spear at the 50 yard line.

I need more info. Where do I get it?

Contact the Tallahassee Visitors Bureau at They're there to help!


I'll be going to the game

I'll be going to the game tomorrow with two other seniors and we were looking for a tailgate to hook up with, we'll bring plenty of beer. Is anyone out there gonna be set up in Tally?

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