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Tailgating in Starkville for the Mississippi State Game is doing a series of articles on where and how to tailgate at all of the Gator Football away games. This article details where and what to look out for in Starkville, Mississippi for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Go Gators!

  1. Where are the good and bad areas of town for motels to stay in the night before/after the big game? 

    Along Highway 12 in Starkville, you have the Hilton, The Hampton Inn, Comfort Suites and a Holiday Inn Express. An option that is close to the downtown nightlife on Main Street is the Hotel Chester, which also has a decent bar and sushi restaurant. Book early, as most rooms fill up fast. There is also the Pearl River Resort, which is about 45 minutes away, but offers five-star restaurants, great golf, and pretty good casino action.

    Do not stay at the Regal Inn and University Motel

    Hotel options outside of Starkville are West Point, Columbus and Louisville. If you stay in Louisville, then you will only be about 30 min from Starkville and about 45 min from the Casinos. Not many choices there, but a good mid-point.

    Distance from CampusAddressPhone
    America's Best Value Inn ½ mile403 Highway 12 E.(662) 323-6161
    Comfort Suites Adjacent801 Russell St.(800) 228-5150
    Days Inn and Suites ½ mile119 Highway 12 W.(800) 329-7466
    Hampton Inn Adjacent700 Highway 12 E.(800) 426-7866
    Hilton Garden Inn 1 mile975 Hwy. 12 East(662) 615-9664
    Holiday Inn Express ½ mile110 Highway 12 W.(662) 324-0076
    Hotel Chester 1 mile101 N. Jackson St.(866) 325-5005
    Microtel Inn and Suites ½ mile1121 Highway 82 E.(662) 615-0700
    University Inn AdjacentHighway 12 E.(800) 475-8648

  2.  What are some attractions in Starkville that a visitor shouldn't miss? (i.e. nightclubs, bars, theme parks, tourist attractions, etc.). Is there a downtown district? 

    The main attraction that Starkville has is SEC sports, although there are a couple of downtown districts.

    The Cotton District (Bin 612, Cotton District Grill, Up Your Alley, and Rock Bottom) has about 4 -5 spots, mostly patio-style bars. It’s located around the University Drive and Maxwell St. area.

    The Old Main/ Downtown district has 5 or so bars (Mugshots, Barristers, State Theater, Old Venice Pizza Co), and is on Main St., between Montgomery and Washington Streets.
  3. Where should a visiting fan go to eat before leaving Starkville? 

    Mugshots could be the best burger in the SEC. For bar-b-que, check out Little Dooey and Petty's. Dave's Dark Horse Tavern's deep dish pizza is a favorite Starkville dish. If you want a nicer meal, try The Veranda (on Lincoln Green) or Restaurant Tyler (Main St., in the Old Main/Downtown District. Both are avg. $15-20 a plate, but very good food. 

    Another favorite restaurant in the area is Anthony's Food Market in West Point. The steaks are awesome, and they also have fresh seafood, along with chicken, pork, and pasta dishes. The best part about Anthony's is that you can bring your own liquor and/or wine with you. 

  4. Is there an area or a part of Starkville that the visiting fans usually congregate/tailgate/park? If so, any address or directions on how to get there would be a big help. If visiting fans usually spread out all around the stadium, help us by telling us where the best area to tailgate is with the most room. 

    The Junction is the hot spot to tailgate for Mississippi State fans, and Gator fans are certainly welcome, but the University in the past has been putting the "official" visitors gathering spot in the parking lot of Humphrey Coliseum. There is also a large field in front of the Vet school where a lot of visiting fans gather with lots of room for tailgating.

    Visitors definitely need to make it down to the Junction for the quintessential MSU Tailgating Experience


    Image from Mississippi State University
  5. How much should we expect to pay for a parking spot (preferably unblocked so there's enough room to setup tents, tables, and a grill to tailgate)? 

    10 bucks. 
  6. Are there any special rules we should know about tailgating on or off campus, open-container policies we should be forewarned about, or anything of the sort? 

    No dogs allowed. Everything else pretty much goes.
  7. Any gameday traditions we should not miss while in Starkville? (i.e. we have the Gator Walk, Auburn has Toomer's corner, etc.) 

    Mississippi State has a Dawg Walk, which is the same as everyone else's "Walk."

  8. Is there anything else you would advise fans of before heading to Starkville to tailgate? 
    Be sure to make it down to The Junction to get the whole experience. Check out the live webcam pics below

  9. For more information, visit the following links:

Thanks to the folks over at Six Pack Speak for all the help on the details of this article!



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