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Tennessee's Neyland Stadium

Tailgating in Knoxville for the Tennessee Volunteer Game is doing a series of articles on where and how to tailgate at all of the Gator Football away games. This is the first part of our series detailing where and what to look out for in Knoxville, Tennessee. Go Gators!

The Rock on Homecoming

1. Where are the best areas of town for motels to stay in the night before/after the game?

I would stick to the downtown area, and if those hotels are full, try the west side of town for easy in/easy out of knoxville. Motels inside of Knoxville are pretty sparse. You really need to reserve these well in advance. If full, look for hotels by the interstate 20-30 miles out of town.

2. What are some attractions in Knoxville that a visitor shouldn't miss?

Downtown Brewery ( , The Old City, and Worlds Fair Park ( are all nice things to see. The Smokey Mountain National Park ( is about an hour drive away. You can take an 11 mile drive around Cades Cove ( which is one of the most scenic drives in America. You will see tons of wildlife such as deer, black bears, and others. Those are more family-themed spots. For the groups looking for a place to party at night, The Strip and Old Town have plenty of fun bars. Old City has a somewhat older crowd, while the Strip is the heart of the college nightlife scene.

If you like Country bars, try the Cotton Eyed Joe ( That is where Rusty and the GT crew have made a tradition of going on Friday nights before the big game to enjoy the full-spectacle that is the epitome of a Knoxville bar. There are always a good number of Gator fans there and they play the Gator fight song for us (followed by Rocky Top, unfortunately...)

The Vol Navy

3. Where should a visitor go to eat before leaving Rocky Top?

Downtown Brewery (, Copper Cellar (, Calhoun's on the river (, or various good places in the Old City. As far as a little cheaper food, try a steamed hoagie at Granny Greve grocery in Greve Hall on campus or a Vol Burger at Sam & Andy's in Ft. Sanders.

4. Where is the best area to park close to the stadium yet still have room to tailgate?

ONE MAJOR HINT: Get parked EARLY! Parking is extremely limited around campus, due to the size of Neyland stadium (107,000 seats) and the fact that the river limits the campus size. There are more than 150,000 people competing for parking every gameday. The best bet is to show up as early as possible and try to find a pay spot on campus first. If that fails, head to the Fort Sanders area. The issue with Fort Sanders is that it is predominately rental houses divided up into apartments which students live in. therefore, most students don't want to sell spots to visitor fans, especially Gators. Beware, because it gets rowdy over there pretty often. Seriously.

Knoxville Gator Club is setting up at the Methodist Church on Church Street, and GT will be joining them for the tailgate this year if you want to tailgate with fellow Gators. 

Tailgate Strip

5. How much should we expect to pay for a parking spot near the stadium?

Depending on location and time, between $25-40 dollars. Some places will charge you for two parking spots to tailgate if you start taking out a lot of stuff, so make sure to ask first.

6. Are there any special rules we should know about tailgating on or off campus, open-container policies we should be forewarned about, or anything of the sort?

Keep drinks in a cup and if you are mixing drinks, keep the liquor bottle out of sight. Watch out for lots that are restricted. They have a strict open container policy that may even be stricter than Gainesville’s - especially wearing Orange and Blue.

The Vol Walk

7. Any gameday traditions we should not miss while in Knoxville? (i.e. we have the Gator Walk, Auburn has Toomer's corner, etc.)

The Vol walk is incredible. It’s been done for many more years than the Gator walk and has really become an event most people don’t miss. Definitely make an effort to walk over to the river and see the Vol Navy too. No one else in college football has anything like the Vol Navy due to the stadium’s location on the river. It's amazing. Also, just cruising the strip area of campus is good for people watching and general pre-game hysteria.

8. Is there anything else you would advise fans of before heading to Knoxville to tailgate?

If you arrive on Friday, try to drive around and get a feel for the area. It’s very confusing on gameday to figure out where you are going, so if you have the ability to explore a bit during daylight on Friday, do it.

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Cumberland Avenue is the

Cumberland Avenue is the best area to tailgate when in Knoxville for a game.

"Gator born, Gator bred, and when I die I'll be Gator dead" 

I would strongly suggest the

I would strongly suggest the Vol Navy for any fan. Most of the owners of those party boats are very laid back and we always welcome any team fan on ours.  It can get really crazy for non-UT fans the later it gets in the day if they decide to park or party with the younger crowds so be prepared for that one.  Ruth's Chris steak house is also right on the river and they offer free parking on gamedays - if you get there early.  There is also riverside tavern and Calhoun's who charge to park but only $25 each game - the food is really good too and they are only about 50 feet from the main stadium entrance.  The parking garage G-10 also harbours the more mature of th TN tailgaters for the people that get these spots had to not only donate to the college but had to pay a year in advance for them as well.  Very laid back and will be happy to share a grilled gator tail with any gator fan no doubt! UF fans are by far the most curtious of the SEC schools we play here so I enjoy having them on our boat.  Look us up!

Go Gators! Here we come

Go Gators! Here we come Knoxville, can't wait.

Is Joe Vol making the trip to

Is Joe Vol making the trip to Knoxville? :)

im looking for some gator

im looking for some gator fans to hang out with this week. me and my dad are comin over from NC for the game. im a gator and he likes ut so this should be fun. hit me up gator nation. GO GATORS!

Where can Florida fans with

Where can Florida fans with 45 foot RV park. Coming on Wednesday.


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