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Tailgating in Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game is doing a series of articles on where and how to tailgate at all of the Gator Football games. This is the seventh part of our series detailing where and what to look out for in Atlanta, Georgia for the SEC Conference Championship game. Go Gators!

  1. Where are the good and bad areas of town for motels to stay in the night before/after the big game?

    There are too many pockets of bad areas in Atlanta to list them all. The best thing to remember is that you get what you pay for in Atlanta. If you pay $40 per night for a Hotel, you’ll get a questionable room that smells and a really uncomfortable bed. On the other hand, if you pay $100 per night, you’ll have a nice and clean room with continental breakfast to boot. If you aren’t looking to stay too close to the Dome, the Buckhead/Lenox area is really nice to look at.
  2. What are some attractions in Atlanta that a visitor shouldn't miss?

    For a family, you won’t want to miss The Georgia Aquarium (, which has tons of beautiful ocean life. Another popular attraction is the World of Coke  ( You might also want to see Stone Mountain which is about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta. Theme Parks include Six Flags Over Georgia ( and Stone Mountain Park (

    For the younger crowd that may want to visit some bars/nightclubs, these are some places you won’t want to miss, depending on your style:

    Wild Bill’s ( – Brags about being the largest Country bar in Georgia
    Halo Lounge ( – A trendy nightclub right off Peachtree St. Top shelf only.
    Compound (  - Must see. Auto Dealership turned into a swanky club.
    Moondogs – This is no nightclub. This is a bar that gives you that college-town bar atmosphere.

  3. Where should a visiting fan go to eat before leaving Atlanta?

    If you love grease, you will love The Varisty ( It is the world’s largest Drive-IN and ir right off I-75 in downtown Atlanta.   For Bar-B-Que, you won’t want to miss out on Fox Brothers BBQ Restaurant ( If you’d rather find a nice sports bar, you will love Stats ( They are a newer sports bar and are just down from the Georgia Aquarium.

  4. Is there an area or a part of Atlanta that SEC fans usually congregate/tailgate?

    When it is SEC weekend in Atlanta, football fans take over everywhere in Atlanta. The most popular spot on Friday and Saturday though is the convention center right next door to the Georgia Dome. They have the SEC Fanfare there and it is usually put on by Chikfila. It always is a lot of fun. Fans also go over to the CNN Center to drink a few beers during the day, but be forewarned: They don’t show football games on the TVs in the CNN Center even on game days.

  5. How much should we expect to pay for a parking spot?

    Anywhere from $15-35 is normal. The parking garage spots are cheaper, but they are not as fun to tailgate in.

    Here is an Atlanta Falcon Parking map for Gamedays at the Georgia Dome. Parking at the Gerogia Dome

  6. Are there any special rules we should know about tailgating in downtown Atlanta?

    Just remember normal rules that apply most everywhere. Keep your alcohol in a cup and don’t be overly obnoxious. You most likely will not have any problems.

  7. Is there anything else you would advise fans of before heading to Atlanta to tailgate?

    There is very limited parking on downtown Atlanta that isn’t in a parking garage. If you don’t want to be in a garage, I’d advise to get there before 10am for a 3:30 kickoff.

    If you’re meeting friends downtown to tailgate and don’t have to carry anything in your vehicle, see if you can use the MARTA. ( It will save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation.
  8. Any special advice for fans with RVs/Motorhomes?

    RV Parking is available in the Yellow lot and Marshalling Yard located on the campus of the Georgia Dome.  Parking will be available for sell online starting November 15, 2008. It will be available for sell at The lots will open Thursday, December 4th at 6 am. The lots will remain open until Sunday, December 7th. The cost is $80 per RV and $30 per car in-tow.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to post them in the forums under Tailgating, and one of members will be glad to help you out. You can also check out these resources for more info. - Official SEC Championship Game Information


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Mike Herchel is one of the founders of Both a die-hard Gator fan and a tailgater, Mike finds a way to combine his passion of web development with beer.


Just so everyone knows, we

Just so everyone knows, we will be tailgating at the Bethune Elementary School directly across the street from the Congress Center. It is at the corner of  Northside Drive and Thurmon Street. Here is a map of parking if you need to see it, although it doesnt show the school. You can still see the intersection where the school is.

The tailgate will be catered, so plan on bringing $10 per person to eat some awesome BBQ from "Pig n' Chick."  Also, dont forget to post in our forums here ( if you're coming so we have a head count. We already know about 20-30 Gator fans from Atlanta will be there. Looking forward to seeing you all in Atlanta!

"Gator born, Gator bred, and when I die I'll be Gator dead" 

Note from the Atlanta Gator

Note from the Atlanta Gator Club:

Atlanta Gator Club "Welcome to Atlanta" Party

Friday, December 5, 6-9PM

The Atlanta Gator Club is hosting a party on Friday evening, December5, from 6-9PM. This is a party to welcome all Gators to Atlanta for theSEC Championship game. The party will be at Engine 11. This is a newplace owned by Gators, who are also members of the AGC. Engine 11 isright next to the North Avenue Marta Station, so fans coming from outof town can get there easily.

What: Atlanta Gator Club "Welcome to Atlanta" Party
When: Friday, December 5, 2008, 6 - 9PM
Where: Engine 11 - 30 North Avenue, Atlanta GA -
between Peachtree and West Peachtree. Adjacent to the North Avenue Marta station

Attention - 10% Discount SEC Weekend wearing the AGC T-Shirt

Anyone wearing our 2008 SEC Commemorative T-Shirt, on Friday night orSaturday, will get a 10% discount off of their food bill at our partyat Engine 11 and any of our 3 viewing locations. So Friday night andall day Saturday on SEC Weekend, by wearing our T-Shirt, you will get10% off of your bill at Engine 11, Sidebar (downtown), East Andrews(Buckhead) and Miller Ale House (Alpharetta).

See the commeorative T-Shirt and purchase it at

I'm a native Atlantan (who

I'm a native Atlantan (who lived in Gainesville earlier this year) and whoever recommended the places to go must've just read a tourist trap guide book.  DO NOT try to venture to Six Flags (as it's closed for the season) or Wild Bill's (as it's 45 minutes away from Downtown Atlanta). Stone Mountain would be fun if you can get there on Friday morning (ATL traffic is HORRIBLE on Friday afternoons) or Sunday. There are so many great restaurants and bars just a cab ride away from the dome. The Aquarium is a must see! It's absolutely stunning, and then you can walk around Centennial Olympic Park afterwards. They also have ice skating :) Halo, Compound and Moon Dogs are all overrated and overpriced. The last time my Gator girlfriends came to visit, I took them to dinner at Shout then to the rooftop bar upstairs for drinks. Then we went to the new Tongue & Groove for dancing. I also highly recommend Tap, Trois, Daily's (a cigar bar for the gentlemen) and Vortex if you have to stay downtown. If not, venture to Midtown (near Piedmont Park) or Virginia Highlands (more laid back, small town feel) as both have great restaurants and awesome bar scene.

 If you don't have tickets for the game, get a hotel in Buckhead, drive down to tailgate at the dome, then drive back to Buckhead to watch the game at the ESPN Zone. Stats (the one decent bar/restaurant recommendation on this page) is also a ton of fun and closer to downtown.

 If anyone has any questions or needs advice on where to go/stay, please feel free to email me at


Are you condoning drinking

Are you condoning drinking and driving? 

"drive down to tailgate at the dome, then drive back to Buckhead to watch the game at the ESPN Zone." 

You forgot the "get a DUI part"  

HAHA..... Guess this page is

HAHA..... Guess this page is useless this year! And good luck with your Pig-N-Chick Rusty! GO GAMECOCKS!!!!

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Go Dawgs ! UGA is the best

Go Dawgs ! UGA is the best and we will come strong this season. The Gators gone need to take a backseat

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