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GT's Guide to Tailgating in Baton Rouge for the LSU Game is doing a series of articles on where and how to tailgate at all of the Gator Football away games. This article details where and what to look out for in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the the game against the LSU Tigers. Go Gators!

Where is the best area of town to stay in the night before/after the game?


Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge is located just 3 miles from Death Valley and is conveniently located near nightlife and restaurants in downtown Baton Rouge. It's also right next to the beautiful Mississippi River and has a bar and restaurant downstairs. Game day weekends fill up fast so make sure to call and reserve your rooms as early as possible. There is also shuttle from Hotel Indigo to Tiger Stadium for $3.50 round trip if you decide to surf tailgates rather than set up your own. PS - You'll also be right down the street from GT's Gameday Tailgate Party. Read more about it a href="">here.
What are some attractions in/around Baton Rouge (other than New Orleans) that a visitor shouldn't miss?

Attractions around town include the Old State Capitol (Antebellum) , the New State capitol (skyscaper views), the USS Kidd warship on the river, the riverboat casinos, the LSU Rural Life Museum, The river road plantation homes, and the Louisiana State Museum in Spanishtown.

For clubs and bars, check out the 3rd street entertainment district, which has a number of museums and bars, the Texas Club, the Varsity (live music), Fred's, Happy's (Irish Pub), Roux House (club & live music), and Puncher's (boxing theme club).

Where should a visitor go to eat before leaving Baton Rouge?

There is some damn good food in this town, especially seafood! Mike Andersons, and Drusilla Seafood are the most popular. All will be crowded on game weekends but you can get in with a reasonable wait, they are used to it.

TJ Ribs (2nd location) is especially good at moving a crowd through on game day and serves fine BBQ. Juban's is kind of upscale but has the finest Creole cuisine in town. Boutin's for Cajun cuisine and music. Good off-campus Bar & Grills abound. The Chimes, Walk-on's, The Pastime, Chelsea's, Georges (local institution for Po Boys) , Ivars, Sammy's, and Brewbachers are all great LSU bars with good food.

And don't forget 24-hour breakfast at Louie's Cafe, a classic just-off-campus diner, that is said to have the best omelettes and burgers in town.

Where is the best area to park close to the stadium yet still have room to tailgate? If you're a Gator fan and are thinking about taking an RV to an away game, this is definitely the trip to make it happen! has reserved a secure lot in downtown Baton Rouge for GATORS ONLY. We will also be hosting gameday tailgate festivities with an added Cajun flair too! We will be serving Jambalaya, listening to some great music, and competing in some fun tailgate games as well.

Included with your pass is RV Parking in the Gators Only lot, 2 passes to our Gameday Tailgate, and round-trip transportation to and from the stadium. Visit for more details and to secure your spot! Also, you can e-mail us at if you have any questions.

For regular parking, we are glad to invite you to our "Gators Only" parking lot as well! We will be having a gameday feast of Jambalaya, tailgate games, music and fun. Including with your car parking pass are 2 meal tickets and tickets on the Transit bus to the game (You won't want to walk!). Join us for a great time on the bayou by clicking here and look for the "car parking pass" ticket.

If you're planning to venture down and tailgating with the French/Redneck/Cajuns from Louisiana, the north side LSU lots are small and fill up quickly so get there early. Avoid parking in the high-crime neighborhood to the north of campus, the better parking is on the south side anyway. If you run late, the big grass lots off the river road aren't that far from the stadium, and that's the road GT's lot is on- River Road.

For more information on parking from LSU, see Getting to the LSU Game: Traffic, Parking, and Tailgating

LSU Parking

How much should we expect to pay for a parking spot near the stadium?

Anywhere between $20 to $50 is about normal.

Javascript is required to view this map.

What if we are wanting to bring a Motorhome to park in Baton Rouge for the game?

GatorTailgating has reserved an RV lot with 80 parking spots for Gators only. For info, call (352) 505-9903 or visit!

Are there any special rules we should know about tailgating on or off campus, open-container policies we should be forewarned about, or anything of the sort?

There is an open container policy on campus, but no one follows it. There are kegs, liquor bottles, and beers in plain sight everywhere. Being a Gator though, keep it in a cup just for safety's sake. One of the cops may be a Gator-Hater. The locations around campus are first come / first serve with parking, but a lot of fans consider them "their" spots.

Any gameday traditions we should not miss while in Death Valley?

Go see Mike the Tiger's new habitat, our live Siberian/Bengal Tiger Mascot. The best times to see him are between 8-10am and 5-7pm in the evening to see the most activity. The LSU Tiger Band marches down the hill to Tiger Stadium an hour before the kickoff and it is something to see and hear. It will be crowded, but the crowd response is part of the show. Get in the stadium before kickoff not to miss the entrance video of "Mike the Tiger" and band performance.

Is there anything else you would advise fans of before heading to Baton Rouge to tailgate or vacation?

Tailgating is legendary around campus before the game. Nobody, I mean nobody, cooks more or better food than LSU tailgaters. Work out so you're prepared to gain an extra 5 pounds from the good eating!

Thanks to the tigers over at Tiger Forums for help with this article.


the Frostop is a hole in the

the Frostop is a hole in the wall place in Baton Rouge. It has $3-4 po'boys that will blow your mind. They also have a $2 crab cake sandwhich that is out of this world. I have no idea how that place stays in business with those prices but it has been there forever.

Some friends and myself are

Some friends and myself are flying in from the Northeast for the Florida-LSU game. We wanted to stay in New Orleans, but don't want to rent a car and drive ourselves to and from Baton Rouge on game day. We were wondering if anyone has any advice on ways to get to BR and Tigers stadium on game day. Has anyone hired a car/van service? Are there shuttle services that run on game day? Any help would be appreciated.

I love this page by the way. Very informative and we will see you at the tailgate.

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