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For the 2015 season: will be setting up in our usual spot off of Gale Lemmerand (formerly North-South) south of Museum Rd. We'll be located in front of the parking garage on the south end. See the map below, and call us on gameday for directions! 

A couple things to note:
Everyone is welcome at GT tailgates, especially opposing fans! Sure you may endure a slight amount of razzing, but it’s all in good fun- and good tailgating! The rivalries and opposing fans are what make SEC tailgating the best in the country!

What time do you start?
Sometimes around 7:30am, but we usually kick off the tailgate about 9am. Sure, you can show up later, but you're just missing out on a couple hours of fun...Oh, and good parking. The garages around us fill up pretty quickly. 

How can I identify you guys?
Look for our trailer, tents, beer pong tables…. We’re pretty hard to miss! Oh, listen for the music too! 

What do I need to bring?
You’ll need to bring your own booze. If you dont have a cooler, you can use Gator Tailgating's big community cooler (but there will be a lot of people in and out of it throughout the tailgate). Gator Tailgating Community Cooler  Whatever you drink, make sure to bring enough to cover the traditions of shotgunning, beer pong, and flip cup. We are not allowed to purchase beer for anyone anymore (damn insurance!) so make sure to bring a few extra just in case. 

Also, we accept donations to cover the cost of the fuel for the generator, equipment replacement/upgrades, and other tailgating gear. About $5-10 per person is more than fair to cover the costs of the tailgate.

What does GT have at their tailgate?
Everything! We have an enclosed trailer, multiple tents, generators, Direct TV Satellite, Tailgate games (corn hole, beer pong, flip cup, etc),  sound systems, chairs, etc. We typically have a grill at the tailgate that you can use to cook your food as well, however you may want to check and make sure it will be there for your particuliar game. There are some games we cook something that doesn't need a grill. 

Can I park my car/truck with you guys? 
For the less busy games, you usually can if you get there early. But for the busier games (SEC Games and FSU) we're typically full. The best place to park is a parking-garage right down the street near Mowry Rd and Gale Lemmerand.  (Map: This is less than a 3 minute walk to our tailgate, and rarely fills up. Note that you can drop off any gear/ chairs/coolers/etc with us before parking just by pulling up on the side of the road and putting on your flashers.

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