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Tailgating in Tuscaloosa for the Alabama Game!

Posted 2 days 14 hours ago by Tamaralea10
Beat Bama! Go Gators! is doing a series of articles on where and how to tailgate at all of the Gator Football away games. This is the first article for 2010, with tips on how to do it up right in Tuscaloosa for the UF/Alabama match-up!  
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Five Tips for Tailgating Before the Kentucky Game

Posted 1 week 2 days ago by Rusty
This is a weekly article will be doing to help fans plan for each week's tailgate. It will give a weather forecast for the pre-game festivities, what to expect from the opposing teams' fans, and other various bits of info that will make your...
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5 Tips for Tailgating Before the Eastern Michigan Game

Posted 2 weeks 10 hours ago by Rusty
1. Plan for the weather – After last week's debacle of rain and lightning, this probably could've been left unsaid. However, we want to make sure everyone is as prepared for the pre-game party as possible, and some precipitation is in the...
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5 Tips For Tailgating Before the Idaho Game

Posted 3 weeks 6 hours ago by Rusty
Gator Tailgating in Baton Rouge
Are you tailgating tomorrow? If your answer is 'yes,' this article is for you. Every week before game day, Gator Tailgating will take a look at the opponent, the weather forecast, the other games scheduled, and the food/drink menu to make some...
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Slip Cup : The New Fad of Tailgating Games

Posted 3 weeks 4 days ago by Rusty
Gator Tailgating Games - The Slip and Flip
Flip Cup and Slip ‘n Slides are definitely not new, and people have been enjoying them for decades seperately. However, recently a craze has begun and it has taken the tailgating and outdoor party world by storm. It has been credited with being...
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