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Gators Will Be Sporting New Football Uniforms in 2013


 If you have been to a game at The Swamp on a hot and humid Florida afternoon, you know how the sweat pours. Now imagine being on the field in a helmet and pads. The Gators hope to get a little relief next season. In the latest attempt to improve its product line of jerseys supplied to college football teams, Nike has unveiled a new type of jersey being used only by select schools. The jerseys could also be used in the NFL one day.Texas wore the jerseys at practice this season and Alabama wore them in the BCS National Championship Game against Notre Dame.


The Gators will wear them next season and take a test run in the jerseys this spring at practice and in the Orange & Blue Debut spring game April 6.

“It’s durable, it has more breathability and it lightens the weight on the athletes,’’ said Jason Baisden, UF’s football equipment manager. There are two notable differences in the new Florida jerseys from Nike:

--The fonts for the numbers have changed to reflect the font used in UF’s official athletics brand identity.

--The sides of the jerseys are constructed of a mesh material instead of a solid material, which increases breathability to help reduce heat.

Back of jersey

Photo: Back of the new style Nike jersey (on the right) the Gators football team will wear next season.


Scott Carter is a Columnist for the UAA and their website,

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