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UF vs FSU Brawl in Skyboxes Video

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UF vs FSU Brawl in Skyboxes Video
If you want to skip most of the boring parts, skip to the 1:00 mark where a Nole fan gets tackled, and then as he's getting up the guy in orange pants kicks him in the face and breaks his nose (he went to the hospital later).

If you watch the beginning of the video, the fight was started by a Seminole who makes a motion like he's looking for a fight and is "bowing up." A woman is trying to calm him down when the elevator opens and a couple Gators walk out (first the guy in Orange pants who looks to have no idea what he's walking into). The Nole pushes him so hard that he could've gone THROUGH the wall at the :30 mark of the video. That may have been the reason he was angry enough to go all Jordan Jefferson on him when he was down.

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