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SuckFest @ Sugar Bowl

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SuckFest @ Sugar Bowl

That ladies & gentlemen, boys and girls was a suckfest of the highest order.

To win it, you have to earn it.
To earn it, you have to work at it.
To work at it, you have to want it.

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Way to go gaters!! Thanks for representing the SEC so well against that Big Least team.

Can you say OVERRATED and OUT COACHED? Nothing like getting schooled by a former assistant coach! lol

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And if you want a little bang in your ying yang:

Muschomp Love has facebook page that you can like:

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I love how people show up here when we lose...and it's only twice per year. lol. He sure didnt show up when his team beat the Gators.....because they DIDN'T! hahaha

"Gator born, Gator bred, and when I die I'll be Gator dead" 

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Look at his ghetto screen name Rusty, "Keepin it real" ??? Yo??? Come on just a sorry ass Miami fan who has losr there swagger from so LONG ago. I know this because he recognizes Mike Bianchi, yet wont name his team. This means he lives nesr central Florida and has worn a Gator Ass Whuppin or 2.

   It's also why I didn't enen read his post...I just scrolled  on past.


If he could afford a ticket he might grow the nads to walk right into one of these games.

 His favorite team is mystery and whoever plays Florida which as you pointed out Rus...makes him 2-12   Great season Gator Hater!

kiss my gator tail

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