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tn v uf at tn. this gator fan was the best! he let us include him in our half-time video for the jumotron by throwing him off our boat. he got free booze all day! what a sport!
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Ahhh...Mr. Andrew Walther. 

Ahhh...Mr. Andrew Walther.  He'll do anything for free booze.

you know him?!  I have been

you know him?!  I have been trying to get a hold of him.  ESPN, Southern tailgater Magazine, TailgaterMonthly Magazine and everyone I know have used that video and the photo of he and I afterawards... he' kind of famous for it now!

Yep- his name is Andrew

Yep- his name is Andrew Walther (obvi).  He's from St. Louis and a UF grad.  You can facebook him...not sure if he's still in town or not, as he graduated a few years back.  He was a Beta at UF and his lil bro Erik goes here too.  That's about all the info I have! :0)

that's pretty cool!  I

that's pretty cool!  I loved tailgating wit the gator fans they were super nice to us een though they knew they were going to kill us on the field! lol.. visit my website and take 10% off any gators stuff code word "gameday"

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