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Tim Tebow Injured

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Tim Tebow Injured

Lets just say that Tim Tebow gets run over by cattle trailer later this afternoon. What would Florida be ranked preseason and post season? Would we play a bowl game and would we win? I am knocking on wood as I type this in hopes that nothing happens to him until we find a better quarterback. Which we will.



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Wow! I saw this thread topic and about had a heart attack!  haha Im really relieved now. Is this your idea of a joke?!? Laughing

I think we'd be really dependent on a QB that I havent really seen enough of to know yet. Cameron looks big and tough, but looked really shaky in the O & B game. I haven't seen Brantley throw in college yet, so I cant say anything about him either. Here are my guesses though:

 Preseason: #12

Postseason: #16

Record: 9-4 (losses to UT, LSU, UGA, and the bowl game)

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ha ha...

Of course it depends on how well the replacement QB is. Our only other proven mega-offensive threat is Percy Harvin.

I can see us being a bit higher than 12. I see us at 9 or 10, assuming the replacement quarterback can connect with our receivers on a regular basis.

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Im thinking we'd be barely in or out of the top 10 pre-season. Maybe ranked 9,10, or 11? That'd be my guess.


I think we'd end the season with 3 losses though, and not go to the SEC Championship game.

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