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LSU Fans Smell Like Corndogs

The Story of LSU Fans Smelling like Corn Dogs

For a couple years, there has been an ongoing joke about LSU fans smelling like corn dogs. I had read in message boards where opposing fans had talked trash about LSU fans and corn dogs, but never knew the whole story. It just seemed like an idiotic cut down that made no sense. 

Then, last night while partying in Baton Rouge with some LSU fans, one of them looked at me as seriously as you can and asked this question with such sincerity; "Do LSU fans really smell like corn dogs?"


What could I say to that? Should I laugh it off or actually sniff him and give him my honest asessment? I went the safe route and told him that a couple fans did reak of battered hot dogs, but that he wasn't one of them. "You just smell like whiskey, and possibly a little B.O." is what I told him, and he seemed okay with that.

Due to the encounter, I had to research where it all came from, and here is the story...

GT's 2009 LSU Tailgate A few years back, an Auburn fan who goes by the Rivals username "DeepBlue" posted this controversial dissertation about LSU fans. It has become legend ever since, and it received much play last year during the lead up to Tennessee's remarkable comeback against the Tigers in Death Valley. Therefore, without further adieu, I give you the story of LSU fans and their facination with battered meat on a stick:


LSU fans smell just like corn dogs.

Yes, it is often said, but so, so true.

LSU fans do smell like corn dogs.

I would never tell them that to their face though. This is something better said at Internet distances. Even now, I am afraid.

I am afraid that they'll know I said it. I'll walk past an LSU fan someday, and he'll see that look in my eye that gives it away. That look that says, "gee, what is that smell? Is it corn dogs?" The next thing you know, I'll have flat tires on my car.

If you only learn one thing from me today, remember not to tell LSU fans how they smell - you know, like corn dogs.

LSU fans seem, somehow, sensitive to that whole corn dog issue.

LSU Tiger fans trying to save a Corn Dog and stuffed TigerI think this may be why a lot of fans get beaten up by LSU fans. If you attend a game in Baton Rouge, try to avoid telling them that they smell like corn dogs. Say something else instead. Like, "Wow, LSU sure does have a great team this year. This is going to be a great SEC game."

It's hard. I know. It's like when you're having sex and you try to think about baseball. That corn dog smell is just so overwhelming. It makes it hard for you to think about football or baseball or whatever else. Your brain wanders into corn dog topics like: "Gee, I wonder if I took a bite of your finger, if you would taste just like a corn dog?"; or "Is this a real person or is it a giant corn dog trying to make me think it is a real person?" or "What did that giant corn dog just say?" or "Excuse me, Mister, why is it that you smell just exactly like corn dogs smell?" or, of course, after a silencer: "Madam, did you just let the corn dogs out?"

Heck, after what I've heard about LSU fans, I think it may be better not to smell them at all. Okay, not all of them. Some of them are nice. Sure. Smell the nice ones. That's okay.

You know what else is a bad thing to do? Holding your nose around them. They are real sensitive to that, too. Try holding your breath. But don't be obvious about it. Somehow they know you're trying not to breathe in the corn dog smell. And that offends them. They'll likely punch you for that if they catch on to what you're doing.

If you do breathe it in long enough, though, it'll permeate your whole body, and then you'll smell like a corn dog just like they do. But don't say, "Dang, now I smell like a corn dog." They take offense to that. And they will throw things. But not corn dogs. Hard stuff. Stuff that leaves bruises and makes you bleed. Then you may have to get stitches or something. Just don't say it. If you do start smelling like a corn dog, just shut up about it. Okay?

I think kids are acutely aware of corn dog smells too. Counsel your kids on how to behave around LSU fans. If LSU fans are driving around town, do not let your kids stick their heads out of your car window and sniff the air. No. Keep your windows rolled up. An odd change in their expression - indicating they smell corn dogs - might get a wrench or pipe or some other object tossed at your windshield. So, that's dangerous. Let your kids stick their heads out of the car windows as you drive - on some other weekend

Even National food chains know Tigers love Corn Dogs

I know you are just as puzzled as I am about some of this corn dog stuff. What puzzles me most is that I've never actually seen any of these LSU fans with a corn dog in their hand. Okay, maybe there's no mystery there - maybe they already ate the corn dogs. Who knows? Maybe there's a corn dog factory in Baton Rouge and they all work there. Maybe, there's a corn dog lotion that they wear, or a French perfume. Maybe their city council puts corn dog juice in the water supply - kind of like fluoride. The politics there are probably weird. The big political issue during the city election is whether they should add more ketchup or more mustard to the water. Don't comment on it though. It's not politically correct over there. It's like a malnutrition issue or something. It's like the corn dogs are probably added to the water to prevent starvation or something.

I know when you go to Baton Rouge, you're thinking: "Ahhhh. Here I am in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I'll bet the people here smell just like boiled crawfish or shrimp etoufe' or some fancy Cajun food." But just stop thinking that. That's just a myth. They smell just like corn dogs.

In fact, please listen to my advice. Leave them alone about the corn dog odor. And don't try masking the odor with something stronger. They'll curse at you. They'll say something like: "WTF, how dare you smoke a cigar in my home," or "WTF!! Are you too good for the smell of corn dogs?" and they'll cuss out your kids too: "WTF!!! Little Mister fancy pants over here acts like he doesn't want to smell like corn dogs."

Cajuns are not like us. Don't you see that, yet? They are really sensitive about being sniffed and about their corn dog aroma. They know they smell like corn dogs and it is no laughing matter to them at all. I know, I know. We sniff the Bammers and the UGA dawgs and the Ole messes, and we keep a straight face with each of them, but don't press your luck with the Cajun tiger fans. Don't refer to Death Valley as corn dog valley either. I mean that's just wrong. Even if you've been drinking, they'll beat you up and curse out your kids.

Along these lines, be extra careful when you laugh in their direction - even if you're laughing about something else. Like baseball or football, or sex or whatever. If you can't control yourself and you must laugh though, do not snort. The snorting makes them think that you smell their corn dog body odor from a distance or that you're choking on it or something. They'll likely burn your van for that. We lost a campus building over just one snort.

Free Corn Dogs!So, just remember. You can love one another without sniffing each other. You can enjoy the clash of a couple of good football teams. You can enjoy the thrill of the rivalry. But after the game, please heed my words. Please just move along. No sniffing the opposing fans this Saturday. Okay? Get your corn dog jollies at home.

Enough with this corn dog talk. Let's play ball....

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The corn dog smell is the

The corn dog smell is the smell of  cheap rancid cooking oil that is too old, too hot and has too much burned batter in it and  needs changing. You know the stuff they cook french fries and onion rings in. You can usually smell it at the county fair when passing food concessions.

If you're using it to cook  at a tail-gate, the smoke and grease permeate your skin, hair, and clothes. If you eat enuff of the stuff deep fat fried   in it, and it's a hot day, it exudes out of your pores with the sweat, as well as being on your breath.

I learned about this when working at a factory that was just a block away from the "Bell Cafe". If you ate lunch there, and came back to work, people would say "Oh, you went to the Bell" because you  had the "Bell Smell". They cooked with rancid grease and their ventilation was almost non-existent, so you absorbed the odors into your clothes and stunk the place up all day.

So the corn dog odor, which is real, is just the odor of rancid deep fat frying grease on the Cajuns clothes and in their sweat. This is the actual truth.


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When I was attending the

When I was attending the Auburn/LSU game last Sat. a LSU fan knelt down in front of me and offered me a corn dog.I am a female Auburn fan. Does anyone know what that was all about? Thanx

anonymous trolling?

anonymous trolling?

Corn dogs taste good if

Corn dogs taste good if they're hot, crispy, and they have mustard on them. And, of course anything you eat on a stick, just adds to the fun. However:








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IN the photo above of the LSU

IN the photo above of the LSU fans choking down Corndogs, the tool on the right has seasoned his with Ketchup. This is not only wrong, it is stoopid. Why can't people get it right?







GEESH, this is not Rocket Surgery, people!

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I don't want to further the

I don't want to further the tangent too much, but you sir, are sorely mistaken when it comes to the proper usage of condiments. Ketchup is most definitely not acceptable on a hamburger. In fact, at Louis' Lunch in New Haven, CT, the birthplace of said sandwich, ketchup is not allowed on the premises, and attempts to smuggle ketchup into the restaurant will result in the banishment of the offender.

WE don't recognize Louis as

WE don't recognize Louis as the inventor of the hamburger sandwich just because the Food Channel says so. Just because they have some anal disagreement about what to put on their abominable creations doesn't make them right. They are NO AUTHORITY.  Millions of Americans, led by Jimmy Buffet, think differently. Besides, aren't they the idiots that cook their burgers in a toaster???


Balderdash! They might know about Electric Boats but they know  nothing about burgers!!! Nothing, I say!They are silly Yankee  intrlopers, and you, sir, have drunk their evil Kool-Ade!!!!

Flame broiled Burgers on the Grill!!

Go Gators! Go Cheeseburgers in Paradise! Down with the Anti-Catsup Crowd!!!

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       Is it just

       Is it just me...or does the guy on the right of this picture, look like he's making love to that corndog? In something of a feminine way?

kiss my gator tail

thata's great, but what does

thata's great, but what does it have to do with corndogs???


And if you want a little bang in your ying yang:

Muschomp Love has facebook page that you can like:

Ummm...because some people

Ummm...because some people DON'T like mustard???, and it isn't a hard and fast rule that hotdogs only have mustard on them, LOL

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