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Gators wear Jean Shorts

The Real Story Behind "Gators Wear Jean Shorts"

Florida-Georgia is an experience like no other. It’s a spirited mix of college tailgating, SEC rivalry at its best, and heated insults spewed between an evenly split crowd. The most creative and disarming of all insults being, “Gators wear jean shorts!” The first year I heard it, I asked a Georgia fan how it started, and he had no idea. Three years later, I’ve finally gotten to the bottom of things. So, without further delay, I give you the history of the “Gators wear jean shorts” insult.

It started back in 1997. Georgia hadn’t won a game in years, and some of their fans realized it’s hard to effectively talk trash when your team can’t back it up (take the hint, FSU). So Georgia fans, Kevin Davis and his fraternity brothers made their way to the stadium, helpless while Gators taunted and chomped at them. They worked desperately to come up with creative insults. Answering their prayers, a Gator fan strolled by wearing jean shorts, and Davis jumped on the opportunity. “Gators wear jean shorts!” he declared, and his friends began chanting the insult. They continued the chant during the game, and it caught on like wildfire. So many Dawgs were desperate to mock the defending national champs in any way they could, and they had found a way.

The Bulldogs won that day. It was their only win during the Steve Spurrier era, and they were proud of it. Davis and his friends returned to Georgia and immediately designed t-shirts to promote the insult that rallied the troops to an unlikely win and gave the Georgia faithful a victory to cling to for years to come.

Jort scoreboardFrom a couple fraternity brothers, to some t-shirts, and now everyone in the SEC calls the Gators out for out for their "Jorts" (a new word created to describe Jean shorts). Even Oklahoma had fans at the 2008 BCS Championship Game with a dry erase board counting Gators sporting the infamous Jorts.

The real question for Gator fans is which way to go about the statement. Gators can embrace jorts in all their hideous glory, thereby negating the insult intended by opposing fans obnoxiously screaming it at you. The other option is to fight it head-on by informing our fellow Gators of their fashion missteps and encourage them to seek other wardrobe opportunities.

When jeans just don't cut it!Some Gators, proud of their Jort tradition, have gone so far as to make up quotes such as "Champions wear jean shorts" and "Jorts: The quality of a jean with the comfort of a short." It's hard to argue with their point since the Gators have a winning record against Georgia since the comment was first made. There is even a facebook page (started by a member) entitled Support the Jort.

Just for the fun of it, here are a couple things on the internet regarding Gators and their jort-wearing tendencies.



Noles pointing out jorts



A Facebook Group Dedicated to "Gators Wear Jean Shorts"

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Jorts are official red neck

Jorts are official red neck gear.  Every state has red neck's, but Florida does have a high concentration of jort type people.  Not that there's anything wrong with them, but it's a lot like Clemson's working man fan base.  Not a real sophisticated crowd.

At Tennessee, khaki's or khaki shorts are the norm.  The culture is a little more preppy than UF, but not to the extreme of Ole Maid.  Tennessee has a large part of the crowd that actually went to the school and graduated, a long football history.  The attire is sometimes a little more formal that the drunken, sunburned, jort wearing, profanity spewing Florida types.

All this is confirmed by the verbal berrating that opposing fans get going in and leaving the stadium.  Pretty classless.  You never see that kind of stuff at Tennessee.  However, I have heard that this year, was pretty good down there.  Before anyone goes off, I know Florida has a lot of good decent people, no doubt.  Like the guys that run this site.  It's just that a lot of these guys wear jorts.

Of all the fans to reply on

Of all the fans to reply on a "fashion thread" is a UT fan. The same fan base that brings us Junior and Lulu. The same fanbase where overalls are actually worn to a game(seriously). The same fanbase where I bet out of every 100 fans you can find one who needs teeth replacement. And I am serious Voluvr.


How in the hell with a stright face can you UT fans are "preppie". Since when has orange jerseys and blue jeans been preppie...and when it comes to high obesity rates UT fans pull the LOAD(no pun intended). And how can you down Clemson fans when at least 30,000 of the 110,000 UT fans at Neyland look like loggers. And another, how dare you can "most of UT fans attended school at UT" out of the 100,000 fans, 20,000 are current students 40,000 are alumni, and 40,000 more are mountain dwelling HIGH SCHOOL DROUPOUT's or West Tennessee GED idiots.

And have you ever seen how

And have you ever seen how much of a Lezbo/Dyke following the Lady Vols/Pat Summitt have?


I mean I can't get over a UT fan calling his fans "preppie"

hmmm...looks like I hit a

hmmm...looks like I hit a nerve. lol.  Junior and Lulu were from a Nashville show, likely Comodedore fans or not interested in sports.  So, with all the sterotypes you can think of spewed, it's obvious what's going on here.

Orange Envy is wearing you guys out.  You know that the Vols at the time w/o a QB and starting 9 freshmen embarassed Florida .  As were finding our legs, we shut down Alabama to no TD's on their field.  All this the first year of rebuilding.  You guys won't be better than you were last year and you know what's coming next year.

We'll see you in Knoxville and jorts or mullets allowed.

Bubba don't play dumb. You

Bubba don't play dumb. You know what Lulu and Junior I am talking about. I am talking about the couple that was captured on camera towards the end of the SECCG in 2001 when LSU put the game away. It was the fat strawberry blonde guy with a #98 jersey on and the famous Tennessee goute. His wife was larger than he was and was wearing a played out Tennessee shiny Starter Brand jacket. They were nicknamed Junior and LuLu because they resembled the Hee Haw characters you spoke of.


Yeah yeah next year. I seriously doubt a team lead by Nic Stephens(or Tyler Bray<who?>), a new kicker, Eric Berryless defensive backfield, Bryce doing it all by himself without Hardesty wearing down the defense, and no Rico McCoy can do anything. Fact is we won. We now hold the all time seris lead. We have beaten UT 5 stright times, and we have won more SEC championship games than UT. Sorry we can't impress you with double digit wins like this past year and beat UT 59-20 or 30-6. UT has scored a total of 2 TD's the past two years we have faced them. And it funny you mention a mullett when a famous mullett is named the "Tennessee Top Hat" or Tennessee native Billy Ray Cyrus writes a song about his mullett. Very clever. I promise I will not wear the jorts but I will try to fit in by wearing my Carhart overalls, my Bill Dance mesh back hat, and I will not brush my teeth for a solid month. I will also quit working out and drink beer everyday so my gut will grow fat and I can look like the locals. Maybe I'll paint my fat gut like Bruce Pearl. Who knows. I need to set aside my toothpaste money to purchase Natty Light. Will you teach me to yoodle like the East Tennessee Hillbillies?

and Orange Envy is wearing

and Orange Envy is wearing on us????

So says the guy on a Gator board.


Yes I am so envious, my team is the defending National Champions, clinched the SEC east, has a Heisman winner on the team, undefeated and ranked #1 in the coaches, AP, and BCS polls. Geez I'm envious of a 5-4 team that looses Hardesty.

Oh, yeah, you got me, I

Oh, yeah, you got me, I remember a shot of someone in the crowd at a game in 2001?  How do you have so much time to write so much with your job at NASA and all?

I'm sure your fellow fans wished you'd quit working so hard on here.

Orange Envy is what keeps the Nat'l Champ's coach and their fans completely obcessed with a 5-7 team that didn't bowl last year.

I assure you this, in two years the last thing that the Nat'l Champ Tennessee and our fans are going to be eaten up with is 5-7 Florida and their new coach!

Who is obsessessed with who

Who is obsessessed with who when you keep coming back to a GATOR site
to talk trash? It's not like we're on
stalking you! Get over yourself bud. Gator envy has got you and got you
a long time ago, you just cant seem to admit it!

Got Championships? We do!

TailGatorKing - First to show, and last to go!

Gator envy?  Get your own

Gator envy?  Get your own material mr. jorts.

What else would you call

What else would you call your insatiable desire to come to the defending national champions board to talk trash about your 5-4 team? Just curious...

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