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Rumor: Cam Newton to Transfer to Tennessee?

Insider Tennessee sources are indicating that Florida’s former backup quarterback, Cam Newton, has contacted Lane Kiffin’s staff at Tennessee, and that Tennessee has made an offer.

Cameron Newton was a highly recruited 5 star QB from Atlanta, Georgia. He was recruited by the Florida Gators in the class of 2007, and earned the #2 spot behind Tim Tebow over other freshman John Brantley. Newton then was redshirted in 2008 (despite playing in the Hawaii game).


Newton quickly made a name for himself with his great running skills and cannon for an arm. He rushed for 103 yards and passed for 40 yards during his five games that he played for Florida in 2007.

Last November, Newton was arrested for robbery in connection to a laptop that he says he purchased from an anonymous person. Newton then transferred to Blinn College in Texas after Urban Meyer suspended him from the team.

If Newton does go to Tennessee, he would compete with Senior Jonathan Crompton for the starting QB job.  At 6’ 6”, and 250lbs, getting Newton would be a coup for Lane Kiffin and Tennessee, as the Tennessee program has had questions at QB for years. Newton would bring toughness and skill to their team, which is missing because of lackluster recruiting by former Tennessee head coach Phil Fulmer.

If Cam Newton doesn’t transfer to Tennessee, another option may be Mississippi State, with new head coach Dan Mullen. Dan Mullen is the former offensive coordinator for the Gators, and already has a relationship with Newton.

Thanks goes Losers With Socks Tennessee Blog, for breaking the original story.

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Here's to hoping Cam doesn't

Here's to hoping Cam doesn't go to Tennessee, he's not a bad guy despite the laptop incident and I don't want him to be part of the Lane Massacre next year. Maybe at Miss St he can at least help Mullen win a couple of games.

Not to mention that from

Not to mention that from what I've heard, Lame is trying to install a pro-style offense. Newton seems to be to be much more of a spread style player

Only Gators get out Alive!

Ya that's a good point, but

Ya that's a good point, but anything is a better option than what Tennessee has now at QB. Crompton a senior, has done nothing in his career at all

I dont want him to go for 2

I dont want him to go for 2 reasons:

  1. In spite of the laptop incident, I like him and dontwant to hate him as a Vol (and I hate ALL Vols). Also, it would suck to waste all that talent under Kiffin. At least Crompton doesnt have any.
  2. Newton is really talented and will make Tennessee better than they are right now. Dont get me wrong. Im not scared, but I love seeing them suck!!

"Gator born, Gator bred, and when I die I'll be Gator dead" 

your scared alright ,

your scared alright , because you know it won't be long before the vols are whippin that gator arse, then you can go back in the closet with the rest of the trailer dweller gator fans.



... phew! That was a great joke.  The Gators are going to whoop Tennessee by at least 50 pts this year, and 30 the next, and at least 40 the year after that.

By that time Kiffin will be let go from TN, and ya'll will be hiring a chimpanzee

You nailed it. I cant tell

You nailed it. I cant tell you how scared I am. Of course, I should know that we are the defending national champs and the preseason picks to win the national championship. I should also remember that the Vols not only have a mediocre coach (at best), but that it's the same team that lost to WYOMING last year and went 5-7. Im guessing after remembering those couple things, I'll sleep better with my fear of Tennessee.

My fear of the mighty Gators losing to your toothless, shoeless, over-all wearing, inbred hillbillies' football team is about the same fear I have of the Gators losing to Charleston Southern. It just ain't gonna happen. See you in September!

"Gator born, Gator bred, and when I die I'll be Gator dead" 

sounds like you guys are

sounds like you guys are afraid of Kiffin like we are of Calipari.We al know its just a matter of time.

Rumor up here is if Weiss has another bad year Meyer is gone to ND.

That sounds like a Vol's wet

That sounds like a Vol's wet dream...

That rumor has been going around for a long time.  The sad truth is even if Meyer does go somewhere else, we could hire a monkey to coach, and we'd still be the crap out of Tennessee year after year Surprised

Funny that it's only a rumor

Funny that it's only a rumor on blogs and message boards visited by fans who just can't stand UF being on top of the mountain right now.  UM is not going anywhere. He has reiterated that repeatedly over the last several months.  He has said that Gainesville is home.  He has kids here and wants to see them through their HS graduation (youngest is in 6th grade).  Why go to ND or any other program anyway? Any CFB job outside of Gainesville would be equivalent to a demotion anyways.  Also, if Meyer's "dream job" was ND, then why didn't he go there in '05 when he was offered the job before choosing UF in the first place.  Bottom line is that UM's comments on a radio show refering to ND as a dream job as a kid/young man were taken out of context, fueling all of this speculation and wishful thinking by idiots like Volfan.  Of course ND was his dream job.  He grew up in the midwest.  ND was everyone's dream school in that region.

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