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Into the Future: Florida Gator Football 2010 Schedule Released

The 2010 Florida Gator Football Schedule is officially released. The schedule looks significantly tougher than the Florida Gator football 2009 schedule, and should rank as one of the toughest schedules in the nation.

Out of Conference Schedule Pick Ups: In addition to an away game at FSU, The Gators will play the USF Bulls, who were ranked at various times during the 2007 and 2008 college football seasons. To my knowledge, this will be the first time the two teams meet, and is sure to be an exciting game. UF will also take on Division AA powerhouse Appalachian State, who suprised everyone in 2007 by beating #5 Michigan.


The Gators' Toughest Games: The toughest games will be against perennial top 5 recruiters, Alabama (#3 recruiter in 2007,#2 in 2008) and LSU(#11 recruiter in 2007, #1 in 2008). In addition, Georgia and Tennesee have been recruiting extremely well, and should have very competitive squads in two years. The Gators can expect to have one of the toughest schedules in the country for the 2010 season.

Sat Sep 4 Miami (OH) Gainesville, FL
Sat Sep 11 USF Gainesville, FL
Sat Sep 18 at Tennessee Knoxville, TN
Sat Sep 25 Kentucky Gainesville, FL
Sat Oct 2 at Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
Sat Oct 9 LSU Gainesville, FL
Sat Oct 16 Mississippi State Gainesville, FL
Sat Oct 30 Georgia Jacksonville, FL
Sat Nov 6 at Vanderbilt Nashville, TN
Sat Nov 13 South Carolina Gainesville, FL
Sat Nov 20 Appalachian State Gainesville, FL
Sat Nov 27 at Florida State Tallahassee, FL

Add your comments, and tell us who you think the toughest game will be against, and why!


Bama will definitely be the

Bama will definitely be the toughest because of their recruiting. Plus I think Saban is a better coach than Les Miles. Cool

I agree that Alabama looks

I agree that Alabama looks like the toughest game right now, but mostly because LSU is at home. I hate playing in Death Valley although I love making the trip.

"Gator born, Gator bred, and when I die I'll be Gator dead" 

Once again, Florida has one

Once again, Florida has one of the easiest schedules in college football, and it's a travesty that the NCAA doesn't do anything about it.

Only four road games? How is that possible?!

Appalachian State? Are you kidding me?!

Miami of Ohio? Is that supposed to be a joke?!

 And no surprise Florida doesn't have a non-conference game outside the state of Florida. When was the last time the Gators left the state of Florida for a non-conference game? 1989!

How do you spell pussy? F-L-O-R-I-D-A

Until the Gators play a real schedule, they should never be a ranked team. 

I need to hear some outrage from Gator fans. How is this acceptable?

Bobby, if your going to


if your going to state when uf last played a non confrence game outside Fl. at least get it right, it would be  1991 at Syaracuse. I do aggree that we do have a week non confrence schedueal but with bama,lsu,uga,ut, ext.. for confrence play we dont have to go play these big teams out of confrence, what would it prove! State all you want about are non confrence play but last time i checked we waxed a supposebly unbeatable ohio st. in 06 (and we did have the nations toughest sched) and beat the most prolific offense by numbers in history last year in Oklahoma. Bitch all you want but at least get your facts straight before you start throwing statments out.

Gators r a joke of a

Gators r a joke of a program, u get away with highway robbery. These voters look at your talent more than who u play. Please spare me the tough SEC schedule you play in the weak div. Kentuck Basketball school, Vanderbilt for there smarts, Tenn rebuilding, Georgia awful year and on top of that u play FIU, Troy but the wrong trojans, CHar. S. what a joke. Your school should be ashamed of itself go out of state and play a big boy. Please tell me why are u so scared in scheduling a H&H series against other conferences and please do not say FSU, or the U counts there are plenty of takers. If you are  the best team u should at least play one those schools Tex, USC, Okl., Oregon. Prove who u say u r.   

Please spare me the talk,

Please spare me the talk, all those other schools have at least schedule an out of state BCS Conf. foe, lsu took a trip to seattle, bama played tech, georgia played the Devils, tenn played ucla and the gators played FIU, Troy, Charleston S. Please. Schedule a one game series in Atl. against the Trojans, Ohio St., have some huevos to play some one.

Wow quite a bit of hatred

Wow quite a bit of hatred from the Gator hater! Bitch all you want about UF is a joke, the ref's are paid for wah! Uf is ontop for a reason, there better than anyother school out there. You say USC has scheduealed Ohio St? Big deal looj at theire confrences! USC has cost it's self shots at the NC for years becuse they always find ways to loose to one of thier pethidic confrence oponents. At the end of the year, when UF beats Bama and Texas pleae come back and bitch somemore!

USC is a joke of a program

USC is a joke of a program right now.  From

USC ranked 5th in the BCS, and 4th in the Harris/AP Polls, is total bullshit.

I don’t usually resort to foul language, but there is no valid explanation for the Trojans that high. Consider –
USC’s “marquee” win – at Ohio State – was less impressive at 18-15 than what 3-5 Purdue eventually did to the Buckeyes.
USC moves up this week after escaping at home against Oregon State 42-36. The Beavers are currently 4-3.
Oregon State’s other two losses are to Arizona and … Cincinnati. The Bearcats beat the Beavers at Corvallis 28-18. Yet, undefeated Cincy is ranked 8th in the BCS, 3 spots behind USC. (That’s a Cincinnati team that moved down 3 slots after destroying Louisville 41-10.)

Oregon State averages 400 yards a game and 29.9 points. Against the supposedly stout USC defense they gained 482 yards and 36 pointsAt USC, that is. The loss was bad enough to move USC’s scoring defense from 4th to 15th nationally

My Friend jealousy only

My Friend jealousy only hampers your anger for no reason. go look this is up how many div2 or high school team has SC played in its storied history u want to know the answer O, were not like UF who schedules patsies just to pat the win total we will play any one any laywhere. Go look up SC schedule over the past ten years compare that crap the gators play and please spare me we play in the sec u play in an overated division.

Can u please answer this why

Can u please answer this why are the gators so scared in scheduling a H&H series against a quality opponent. And please do not respond we play in the SEC all your other teams schedule at least one team and please spare me FSU and the U.

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