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Inside the Tunnel: 2008 Additions to UF's Heavener Football Complex

Last week, Gator Tailgating was given the opportunity to explore the nucleus of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium’s newest addition, the Heavener Complex. Around this time last year gave you the latest and greatest on this addition, and we’re here to do it again.

UF has made some changes to the shrine since it was built a little over a year ago. When you win another national championship, an additon is a necessity. Below, there are some pictures of things you may have seen, and some new... but all of it is impressive. So follow us deep into what few have ever seen.


The logo in the entrance to the "Gator Room"

Florida Football Office

Iron Gator Excellence Board. This board shows the elite of the team, with their times, weight, heights, or whatever may be measured. It creates a sense of healthy competition among the team, because everyone wants to be up there at some point.

Gator Strength Board. Similar to the Iron Gator Board, but this promotes teamwork as well as competition.

Very interesting Lane Kiffin quote. This is already up and we can only suspect that there will be many more of these on the walls of the locker room as that game gets closer.

Motivational sign on a door in the complex

The Sign on the way out of the tunnel onto the field.

The New 2008 Banner in the south endzone.

The NFL Board. It has every NFL team and every gator that has ever played or is currently playing for those teams.

Close up of the Jaguars. You can see Reggie Nelson there at the bottom

All of the 1st round draft picks to ever leave the University of Florida

Zoom in of Reggie’s 1st round picture

Zoom in of Rex’s 1st round picture

The board of Traditions. On this board are the majority of game day traditions with pictures and explanations.

The rivalry boards. The major rivalries are shown in pictures and summarized. Below, Tennessee, Florida State, Georgia

Every football ring in gator football history, including the newest championship.

A zoom of a championship ring

On the way out. There’s no better way to end a tour than to walk out with the hope of another shot at a title.
Thanks for joining us on the quick tour. Come by and see us for the Orange and Blue game. Tailgating details to come!


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