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Gator Billboard in Tallahassee Can Happen with Your Help!

Be a part of Gator history by helping send a friendly message to FSU fans about our reigning victory on the field! is starting campaign to fund a friendly billboard reminding FSU fans about their recent football history. This billboard will be only 20 miles outside of Tallahassee and will serve as a daily reminder to all Seminoles of the Gator's continuing domination on the football field! Donations can be made for as little as $5.00. When you donate your money, you have the opportunity to write a custom message that will go on forever for all the world to see!

The total needed to raise the billboard for 6 months is $7,500, which is not a lot of money. If 750 Gator fans donate $10 each, the billboard will be up!


Here's what you need to know!

  • Billboard will be placed on I-10 twenty miles outside of Tallahassee (westbound outside of Monticello)!
  • Billboard will be up for 6 months starting as soon as the funds are raised (Target date is June 1st, 2010!)
  • Any extra proceeds will go toward Gainesville Pet Rescue (
  • All donors will get their name and a message of their choice placed on (please no dirty language!)
  • 4 Levels of donations (donate via PayPal)
    Bronze - $5
    Silver - $10
    Gold - $25
    Platinum - $50
  • For more information, see

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Mike Herchel is one of the founders of Both a die-hard Gator fan and a tailgater, Mike finds a way to combine his passion of web development with beer.


Have you all posted this on

Have you all posted this on facebook? You should start a "group" or something to get more expoure and of course, more money!!!

 There's no tailGATOR, like a Brazilian tail..uh, mean Tailgater ;)


Just posted on FB. Comment on

Just posted on FB. Comment on it! Let's get this ball rolling!

Go Gators!

We've already had a couple

We've already had a couple donations this morning! Thanks and let's keep it going!!

"Gator born, Gator bred, and when I die I'll be Gator dead" 

It is nice that you are

It is nice that you are raising money for a good cause such as Gaineville Pet Rescue, but it is pretty pathetic that 7500 dollars will be spent on a billboard that I highly doubt UF will be able to back come this fall football season. Use the money for something better.

You highly doubt we will be

You highly doubt we will be able to back it up? think FSU may FINALLY be able to beat the Gators this November? Sounds like wishful thinking to me!

I actually do not attend FSU.

I actually do not attend FSU. You guys lost a lot of defensive starters and two quarterbacks and multiple linebackers. I could care less about FSU, I am just astounded by the behavior of students and alumni that go or have gone to the best college in the state. You should be setting good examples.

It's a rivalry and it's all

It's a rivalry and it's all in fun. You're "astounded by the behavior"? Sounds to me like  Seminole fan who won't admit it. Otherwise, it wouldn't have set you off. hahaha!

Actually graduated from UCF

Actually graduated from UCF just came across this site. I support all the schools in the state, I have been to and enjoy Gator football as well as making a trip here and there to Tally. Not trying to be rude just giving my opinion.

We appreciate your opinion,

We appreciate your opinion, Anonymous UCF Poster,

But, you need to realize that this is all in good fun. We love opposing fans (check out our About Page). Without trying to sound condescending, this type of rivalry has been going on for years between our schools, and 99% of both fans know and appreciate this. There's been years and years where UF has been at the losing side of the scoreboard, and we know how it feels (believe me!).

I'm not sure if UCF has any comparable rivals, but for both fans out of Gainesville and Tallahassee- we revel in it!

Go Gators!

figures that gators fans

figures that gators fans could only afford a billboard 20 miles out of Tally. Saving money for refs I guess.

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