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Lane Kiffin Quote in Gators Locker Room

Follow up to the Heavener Football Tour + Vol Fan Comments

What really surprised us about the our “Inside the Tunnel: 2008 Additions to UF's Heavener Football Complex” article is the amount of attention coming from the state of Tennessee. We've had over 8,000 unique visits to that article within just three days! A fair amount of those visits are being directed our way from our friends over at VolNation, and at VolQuest. The issue, of course, is the Lane Kiffin quote posted in the tunnel:

"I’m really looking forward to embracing some of the great traditions at the University of Tennessee, for instance the Vol Walk, running through the T, singing Rocky Top all night long after we beat Florida next year. It will be a blast" - Lame Kiffin

Our good friends at VolNation have a lively 7 page forum thread on the topic, and we thought it would be fun if we posted some selected comments. Enjoy!

VolsRule said:

"This shows you that Lane K is getting to them. To motivate themselves, they have to put quotes up on boards inside their stadium / football museum! LOL!!"
Beavbullvol said:

I'm a local alum, letterman, and fan, but let's be realistic guys/gals, Florida is on a different level, for NOW. But with the work Kiffin and company are doing in recruiting circles, it looks like that will shift quite rapidly.
SpringBokVol said:

Okay...I hate the Gators as much as the next guy, but that place is pretty cool.

And did anyone read those times. My goodness they are fast.
zjcvols said:

Its gonna suck when we get killed by them this year...
joevol24 said:

There is a lot of talent on this team. I wouldn't go as far as to say that Florida is leaps and bounds ahead of us. All we really need to be a contender is consistant O-line and QB play. Remember, Clawson's offense had a lot to do with our struggles last year. Simplify it, and our line might be decent again, which will lead to better QB play.
feathersax said:

Urban Cryer & his gay-tor widgets can't get enough of are in their head, Lane! Way to go...& GO VOLS!
hmanvolfan said:

Maybe he'll [Urban will] put a real gator in the backfield and put the football in his mouth and dare the Vols to tackle him down by contact.
Septic said:

He doesn't need this to fire up his team. They get fired up on their own - think of this as fuel to the fire.
GmanTN said:

The only validity in your arguement is your fear. Insulting Meyer scares you, why don't you admit it?

They have won 2 of the past 3 NC's but it hasn't helped the Vols any. As a fan of the Big Orange the only consolation I receive from their accomplishment is at least it was an SEC school that won. Outside of that it has hurt us in recruiting and the previous regime of submission in playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

The Gaytors are not bullet proof and can be beat, just ask Ole Miss. They will also be breaking in a new OC & QB coach not mention the loss of some playmakers.

I would love to just see the Vols return to playing the Gaytors hardnose next year instead of the drumming we have been on the past 4 years.

If they beat us by 50 next year it will not be because of comments. If they do not beat us by 20 it will not be because of comments. The game will be decided on the field by sound playcalling, execution and lack of turnovers.
Septic said:

Sadly, the crux of your 'point' is that I somehow "fear" Florida - nothing could be further from the truth. This despite your repeated parroting of that weak point.

Fact is - baseless accusations towards, not the taunting of Meyer EMBARRASSES me (as it does most rational Vol fans).

For more of these comments and some good laughs, check out the original thread at


After looking though those

After looking though those posts, it looks to mike like half are delusional and half know what's coming...

I didnt know they had

I didnt know they had computers in the hills of Tennessee! It sure was fun to read their comments though.

"Gator born, Gator bred, and when I die I'll be Gator dead" 

Check out the video I just

Check out the video I just uploaded, URBAN MEYER'S HUCKLEBERRY, which highlights Jim Rome's scathing review of the Lame Kiffin "cheating" remark.  If Mark Richt's little endzone stunt set fire to Meyer, can you imagine what this has done to him and the rest of the team?

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