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First time Tailgating...

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First time Tailgating...

I am finally going to my first GATORS home game (season opener).  I want to take in the whole experience, what time should I try to get to town?

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Season openers are always great experiences! This one is going to be special, because its starting at 7pm, which means that you can spend more time tailgating, and soaking in the experience. 

I recommend getting in the night before. I don't know if you've been to Gainesville or not, but there is a lot of cool stuff to do.

If you haven't already, check out the Gainesville Tailgating Guide at

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Have you been to Gville before?

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The closest I have ever been to Gville is the dragstrip, have spent MANY weekends there.  I am going to be traveling with some friends, that won't be able to leave here (south GA) until early Saturday morning.  The guy that is going with me is a bull-puppy fan, his wife (like myself) is a HUGE Gator fan.  He said that he would like to actually take part in some pre-game festivities, so I think it will be a good time.  Thanks to any & all suggestions.  It's GREAT to be a Florida Gator!

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Leave as early as possible and come tailgate with us. We love having bulldog fans around to pick on!  :)

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bringing a bulldog fan to Gainesville will be fun, becuase at least you can show him what the newer National Championship Trophy looks like. Thye havent seen one since the 80s!

It's Great to be a Florida Gator!

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1980 to be exact.

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