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5 Tips For Tailgating Before the Idaho Game

Are you tailgating tomorrow? If your answer is 'yes,' this article is for you. Every week before game day, Gator Tailgating will take a look at the opponent, the weather forecast, the other games scheduled, and the food/drink menu to make some suggestions on how to improve your tailgate party. Here are 5 tips for tailgating before/after this weekend's Gator game. 

1. Enjoy the Night Kickoff - The University Atheltic Association and Jeremy Foley finally listened. They've heard the calls for more late games for years, but this year they've actually done something about kickoff times. With Idaho starting at 7pm, Eastern Michigan at 4pm, and Kentucky at 7:30pm, tailgating fans finally have time to enjoy the pre-game without having to rush to a noon kickoff. Whether you use your morning to relax and hit the snooze button or you still plan on getting to campus by the crack of dawn to enjoy that much more of your pre-game tradition, it's a win-win.


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Gator Tailgating games to watch

College Football TV Schedule for This Saturday!

After a way-to-long break, college football finally kicks off this week! And this year’s opening week has a couple great matchups. To celebrate, GatorTailgating just bought a brand-new 55” LED flat-screen TV for our tailgate!

But, what to watch while tailgating? Well, we’ve come up with the following schedule for this opening week.  And, we hope you join us at our tailgate! We’re always looking for more people to join in ongameday. Click here for info on how to tailgate with us.


8:30am - Penn State vs UCF - ESPN2

Why is this game so early? Because it’s coming all the way from Dublin, Ireland! This will be James Franklin’s (Vandy’s old HC) first game coaching Penn St, against a UCF team that made it to a BCS game last year!

12:00 noon - App St at Michigan - ESPN2

Remember 2007? Appalachian St upset #4 Michigan on the opening game. I doubt that Michigan will let something like this happen again, but let’s hope so!

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Gator Tailgating Games - The Slip and Flip

Slip Cup : The New Fad of Tailgating Games

Flip Cup and Slip ‘n Slides are definitely not new, and people have been enjoying them for decades seperately. However, recently a craze has begun and it has taken the tailgating and outdoor party world by storm.

It has been credited with being started by a couple guys fom Portland, Oregon that happened to have both events at a house party. They had a slip and slide set up to cool off in between games of flip cup and beer pong, and from a simple backyard house party, a new drinking game was born.  


It's been called a couple different names such as Slip and Flip and Slide Flip, but it is most prominently known as 'Slip Cup.' It took over YouTube for a couple months and now there are pages and pages documenting the game - mostly videos - when Googled.. 

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Muschamp Ends Fall Camp Healthy and Ready to Hit Season

Gators Progress Report: Final Report From Fall Camp

Fall camp is over and done with for the Florida Gators, and now it’s time to prepare for next week’s opponent in the Idaho Vandals. Football season is finally here, ladies and gentlemen!


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