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Kelvin Taylor runs into the end zone

Gators Start New Season with a Fireworks Show for Fans

If this is the way it’s going to be, they will be cheering a lot. In the days leading up to Saturday’s Florida-Eastern Michigan game, a topic discussed time and again was the enthusiastic Gator fans who waited out more than three hours of weather delays at UF’s suspended opener against Idaho.

Florida head coach Will Muschamp thanked the fans multiple times for their support during the week. Valdez Showers, the star of the game’s only play, called the fan support the highlight of the night. As Saturday approached and Muschamp turned his focus toward Eastern Michigan, those fans were not left behind.


“We need to give them something to cheer about,’’ he said.

The Gators sent them home Saturday night with sore throats.

At one point, they started to chant “We want 70! We want 70!”

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5 Tips for Tailgating Before the Eastern Michigan Game

Gator Poncho

1. Plan for the weather – After last week's debacle of rain and lightning, this probably could've been left unsaid. However, we want to make sure everyone is as prepared for the pre-game party as possible, and some precipitation is in the forecast. There's a 40% chance of rain with scattered thunderstorms throughout the day. That basically means that you should plan on getting rained on at some point during the day.


Whether it's during the pre-game party or inside of the stadium, be prepared with a poncho so you aren't one of those idiots wearing a trash bag as an emergency raincoat.Also, make sure that whatever electronics you have at your tailgate are able to stay dry in the event of a storm. TVs and rain don't mix well.

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Gator Tailgating Group Photo from Idaho Game

GT Weekend Review: At Least the Tailgate Got More Than Just a Kickoff

What an amazing DAY for the first tailgate of the year. There was a new game introduced, food and a lot of new and familiar faces at the tailgate. You guys did an amazing job, as always, of coming out in Midseason form. 
The weather for the tailgate was absolutely amazing. The weather was around the low 90’s, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for the tailgate. If only it could have stayed that way through gametime...
The tailgate probably averaged about 50-60 people and the most memorable person would have to go to Ted, the bear. What would the Tailgate have been like without Ted? We couldn't have planned any more better for the first Gator game cancelled for lighting and one of the "Thunder Buddies" being on the same day.
The highlight of the day was the addition of Slip and Flip.

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Watch the Gators vs. Idaho Highlight Reel!

What an awesome way to kickoff the season!


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