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GatorTailgating & Vet School Tailgates at the FSU Game 2009
GT & Vet School Tailgates

What is GatorTailgating?

In Autumn 2007, an SUV full of Gator fans set out on a road trip to Baton Rouge for the LSU away game.  The trip resulted in utter failure (including a bad loss) - they couldn’t find other Gator fans to share in their revelry, they weren’t prepared with proper tools of the tailgating trade- they were even missing the basic grill and cooler! On their lonely, dejected trek home, these woebegone Orange and Blue faithful identified the need for a place for other Gator fans to team up and plan their gameday activities like pros. And thus, was born! is now a premier online community for Gator fans to come together and share information on sports news, tailgating recipes and locations, and ways to celebrate their beloved Gators.  GT tailgates are fun, laid-back occasions to come out and cheer for the Boys of Ol’ Florida, and are open to anyone- that’s right, anyone! We keep it fun, clean, respectful, and with just the right amount of debauchery. So come on out and see what Gator Tailgating is all about-the food, fun, and camaraderie that makes up the Gator Nation.

Mike Smoking Up Some Legendary Ribs
Mike smoking some BBQ Ribs for the Arkansas game

Wait a minute- we say everyone’s invited, but do we really mean it? What about opposing fans?!

Opposing fans are welcome at tailgates! We really do mean it when we say everyone’s invited- we feel it’s our duty to show the other fans how real champions tailgate. Seminoles may endure a slight amount of razzing, but it’s all in good fun- and good tailgating!

Gator fans from [literally] all over the world have joined us to celebrate the Gators on gameday – we’ve hosted fans from as far as South Africa, Canada, the Netherlands, and all over the United States. The Gator Nation really is everywhere!

Rusty and an LSU Pimp
Rusty showing a LSU pimp how to Gator chomp!

Okay,  so you’re  ready to join the GT Tailgate! Where can you find us?!

GatorTailgating sets up bright and early on Gale Lemerand Drive, just south of Museum Rd. (see the map below.) Look for our inflatable Albert, banner, tents, flags, beer pong table, smoker, flat-screen tv…. We’re pretty hard to miss!

Wanna know more about Stop by our tailgate and ask us yourself!

For the 2011 season, GT will be tailgating off of Gale Lemmerand (formerly North-South) south of Museum Rd. We'll be located in front of the parking garage on the south end. See the map below, and call us on gameday for directions!

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Albert at Our Gale Lemerand Tailgate
Albert during the 2009 FSU Game

Gettin' Friendly with Arkansas Fans!
Rusty hanging with some cool Razorback fans at the Arkansas game
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