“I just want to say one thing: We loved every single one of our coaches that’s been through here.” “It’s unfortunate what’s happened to them. I hate the way we represented our coaches like that today with this game. Those guys really care for us and gave us a really good game plan to do what we had to do.”


“It’s sometimes disappointing when everybody doesn’t want to come together and just play for each other. That’s sad to see. We’ve still got a lot to play for. Me personally and our defense, we want to play for those guys. We can’t have appearances like we just had today. That’s unacceptable.”


Saturday’s 29 points dismal loss was the worst the Gators will ever suffer in the hands of another losing team like Mizzou who have been 4-5 since 1946!
Gators that are 3-5 have incurred four losses in a row and were unable to garner at least 20 points in those outings, really a dismal showing for the team this season.

Mizzou 45-16 Third Straight Win Over Gators

Gatorss interim coach, Shannon, has no answer to Mizzou’s firepower as the Gators lost four times in succession and handing Mizzou their third straight win of the season. It was a 45- 16 thrashing from fellow strugglers in the college football league.

Despite high aspiration expressed by the interim head coach, the change of hands from former head coach McElwain never proved to have brought the needed spark to lift the team. The Gators needed this game badly to come alive again as a team that can really play together to win matches.

2017 Football Schedule

The 2017 football season promises to be an exciting one for all who are participating in the event. Broadly, every institution is involved in one program or another. The Southeastern Conference (SEC) member institutions know their opponents and the majority of the matches have been played so far as the season comes to a close.

For the SEC member institutions, here is the list of competing teams in this category.

Souting USC’s Next Opponent

Next up in the schedule of games for the University of South Carolina is the game against the Clemson Tigers. Kelly Bryant and his team, the Tigers, are on the lookout for a straight four-win run as they battle it out with Gamecocks (USC) in the last match of the season come 25th November in Columbia.

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